Who We Are

Abbey Locksmiths, Inc. is a 3rd generation family owned locksmith firm having operated in New York City since 1952. Our store, office, custom manufacturing, repair and welding shop are all located at 1558 Second Avenue at the corner of 81st Street, having earned a sterling reputation for quality work, since 1952. Our tradition is one of excellence, as well as, fast and reliable service. In the 1950’s when organized crime was running rampant and climbing steadily in New York City citizens now had to invest in their sense of security, a thought that never occurred to them before. For more than six decades, Abbey Locksmiths, Inc. has provided just that, a sense of security.

callOne glimpse of our brick and mortar location at 1558 Second Avenue will easily convey the years of experience, we have amassed. We take extreme pride in our relationship with our clients which include: real estate firms, banks, fitness clubs, interior designers, restaurants, doctors, contractors, educational institutions, government agencies, hospitals, museums, theaters and more. Some have remained clients since day one.


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